The Sulzer advantage is evident from the moment raw water is captured for your water treatment plant. No matter the process you apply in your water treatment plant, Sulzer will help you to ensure the most efficient and reliable operation, from the intake pumping station through the water treatment plant, including any pumping service along the process.


  • SMD axially split casing double suction pump
    The SMD water pumps are available as standard and configured pumps to meet the demands of different water applications. With a best-in-class hydraulic design, the SMD pumps can take on challenges in raw, clean, sea and brackish water applications. The clean water pumps have ACS and NSF 61 drinking water certifications.

  • JTS standard vertical turbine pump
    The JTS vertical turbine pump integrates the tradition of providing Sulzer's highly engineered and reliable vertical turbine pump with the standardization of materials and configurations available in bowl sizes of 180 to 510 mm (7 to 20 inches).

  • End-suction EN733 centrifugal pumps SES and SKS
    The end-suction centrifugal pumps SES and SKS meet the requirements of versatile water applications as well as general industry and auxiliary power. SES is a long-coupled pump that can be delivered as a complete skid or connected to an existing electric motor or diesel engine. SKS is a monoblock pump with electric motor that can be supplied with a frequency converter.

  • SNS end-suction single-stage process pump range
    The SNS end-suction pump has been designed to exceed the highest energy efficiency regulations across all industries and also the design requirements of ISO 5199 international standard. The innovative design makes this centrifugal pump more reliable while significantly reducing total cost of ownership.

  • VMS vertical multistage pump
    The highly efficient VMS vertical multistage pumps are used for multiple applications in the water market.

  • HST™ turbocompressor
    The modern and silent HST™ turbocompressor features an advanced design with proven magnetic bearing technology and a high-speed motor driven through a built-in frequency converter.

  • PC transfer perform pump
    Designed for easy dismantle and reassembly, maintain in place without the need to disconnect, remove suction or discharge pipework and minimize time and cost.

  • Scaba top mounted agitator
    Scaba top-mounted vertical agitators are used for mixing and agitating process liquids in many industries, including wastewater and industrial applications.

  • Screening, sedimentation and filtration solutions
    Through the acquisition of Nordic Water on February 1, 2021 our portfolio is extended with a wide range of screening, sedimentation and filtration solutions aimed at improving the effectiveness of municipal and industrial water treatment plants.

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