A detailed understanding of a product and the system in which it operates is key to increasing your mean time between repairs, while reducing your overall maintenance costs. 

Increase safety while reducing costs

Efficient and reliable systems depend on more than good quality installations. Optimal maintenance programs contribute to safe working practices while increasing the overall performance of your equipment, and reducing your operating costs. Safety is at the heart of all aspects of our training programs.

Having field maintenance staff trained in the skills required to effectively maintain e.g. pumping assets will generate savings. Training delivers much more than providing the basic knowledge of dismantling and repairing a pump. A thorough understanding of the theoretical principles of pump operation and interaction with process systems will help personnel with identifying changes in the system and equipment that can be corrected, thus preventing premature failures. Our specialist courses will teach you these skills.

Courses to suit your needs

In order to maximize the benefits to attendees, course material and topics are structured to meet the needs of different groups. Some typical training sessions for pump applications are e.g. as follows:

Systems and Operations Training:

  • Physical principles
  • Systems
  • Pump types
  • Pump behavior in operation
  • Components
  • Drive systems
  • Testing
  • Materials and corrosion
  • Condition monitoring

Maintenance Training:

  • General overview of pump types
  • Construction features
  • Installation procedures
  • Coupling considerations
  • Pump dismantling
  • Pump component inspection and assessment
  • Pump assembly
  • Seal arrangements and principles
  • Commissioning and start-up procedures
  • Routine maintenance
  • Potential failures, causes, effects and solutions
Training sessions are regularly held at our manufacturing plants and service centers around the world, or we can arrange on-site courses at your facility. Courses can be tailored to suit individual customer needs, and normally include an actual pump for the hands-on sessions. All participants receive full course documentation packs and at the end of the course are certified as having been trained by Sulzer.
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