Nozzle welding

A fast way to replace corroded or eroded nozzles

Sulzer provides a complete range of services relating to repair, upgrade, or new-build installation of nozzles. Our onsite field service teams can repair corroded or eroded nozzles by building back the worn area, restoring to an acceptable thickness and applying an upgraded metallurgy by weld overlay processes to reduce future issues.

Nozzle during weld overlay process
Services for nozzle welding
  • We use state-of-the-art automated welding equipment for small bore cladding and spiral cladding
  • Nozzle weld overlay on various base materials including carbon and alloy steels e.g. stainless, nickel, chrome
  • Wide range of filler wire materials possible such as: Alloy 622, 625 Inconel, 686, 300/400 series stainless steel, C276 Hastelloy, CoCr Stellite, and more
  • Diameter from 50 mm (2.0”) to unlimited
  • Depth of nozzle up to 1,6m (63”) deep
  • Nozzle orientation in any way 
  • All welding positions possible: 2G, 5G, and 6G
  • Fast replacement of eroded or corroded nozzles
  • Comprehensive range of weld procedures available
  • Weld overlay according to ASME, PED, EN codes
  • Bespoke applications for specific projects
Nozzle replacement
Nozzle during weld overlay processing
Welding nozzle during the weld overlay process.

Nozzle replacement

Alternatively we can replace the nozzle completely with a new nozzle having an ID with upgraded metallurgy by weld overlay processes fabricated in our facilities and then installed by our field service teams.

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