Coker drum automated weld overlay

Get rid of cracks, corroded or eroded areas

Utilizing advanced automated welding equipment, our teams can repair cracks and bulging in the vessel shell, repair corroded, or eroded areas by building back the worn area, restoring to an acceptable thickness and applying an upgraded metallurgy utilizing temper-bead process.

Welder in column doing weld overlay
Benefits of CladFuse automated welding equipment
  • GMAW-P and GTAW-P processes
  • Controllable and minimal dilution rates <10%
  • Accurate control of parameters to achieve high quality overlay claddings
  • Optimized material thickness application
  • High speed rates reducing turnaround down time
  • Wide range of alloy materials including Inconel 625
  • Elevated pre-heat operational capability
Drawing of vessel with welding zones
Finite element analysis of the tower weld overlay


The advanced automated welding equipment CladFuseTM , developed by Sulzer, provides a high quality welding. In addition Sulzer has extensive experience in the replacement of vessel heads, shell can sections, and skirts.


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