• Extended lifetime of your equipment
  • Minimized downtime
  • Enhanced competitive advantage
  • Highest quality standards
Core competencies
  • Repair and refurbishment of all types of centrifugal pumps and rotating machinery regardless of the original manufacturer
  • Equipment performance and material upgrades in line with process requirements
  • Management services in association with long-term equipment support contracts
  • Sulzer can provide training adapted to your needs either on-site or in our dedicated class room
The quality of installation, (pre)-commissioning and startup operations plays a key role in ensuring the reliability of any pumping solution. Our teams place all their experience and expertise at your service so that from set-up through to the validation of contracted performance, each operation is carried out to ensure that the system operates to the high standards of quality and reliability you rightly expect.
Vertical pump retrofit with new impeller.
Repair of a vertical pump with re-engineering of a new impeller.

Predictive and preventive maintenance contract

A predictive and preventive maintenance strategy ensures maximum availability for your facilities. Setting up a maintenance plan enables you to both reduce and schedule the frequency of stoppages for maintenance and keep the risk of system failure to a minimum, thereby preventing loss of production. Our team works closely with you to set up and manage the maintenance plan best suited to your facility.

Our expertise goes far beyond the pump alone. Thanks to an audit of how the pump interacts with its environment and use, our specialized team can propose an action plan aimed at reducing energy costs, extending equipment availability and optimizing maintenance.

Our team can also study and provide:

  • Any specific adaptations required to remove any chronic anomalies (premature wear, faults in leak tightness, etc.)
  • Modifications and improvements (hydraulic and mechanical) to adapt performance of the system to the evolution of your process
  • Reconstruction or re-engineering of parts with CAD means
Kaplan turbine in hydroelectricity installation.
Kaplan turbine in hydroelectricity installation, which was repaired and retrofitted on site.

Resources and facilties

  • 2'000 m2 workshop and warehouse
  • Assembly benches rated to 10 tonnes
  • 3D scanner equipment
  • Testing facilities up to 110kW, 500 m3/h, 16bar

The following certified management systems are implemented to ensure the highest quality standards:

  • ISO 9001
  • MASE

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