Slit trays

Let the vapor flow: efficiency in multi-purpose slit trays

Slit trays are highly efficient trays with centric symmetry and pairs of slits to allow vapor flow through the tray. They are ideal for the distillation of aqueous systems, when, due to the high surface tensions, a metallic packing is not advantageous, and for multi-purpose distillation systems.

Slit Tray
Main benefits
  • Extremely low tray spacing of 150 to 250 mm possible (200 mm standard) 
  • High efficiency: 3-4 theoretical stages per meter 
  • Self-supporting structure allows easy installation into empty column shell without support rings 
  • Large turndown up to 1:4 
  • Suitable for 2 liquid phase systems 
  • Allows any number of feed points or side draws
Main applications
  • Separation of aqueous mixtures in the fine chemicals and pharmaceutical industry 
  • Multi-purpose solvent recovery 
  • High pressure distillation
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