Main benefits
  • Maximum achievable output flow for 12" nominal bowl diameter (externally machined to 11 5/8")
  • Increased design temperature
  • Pump shaft diameter 2 3/16" in 17-4 PH H1150
  • Pump shaft section lengths limited to 6.1 m (20 ft)
Main applications
  • Geothermal production hot water
  • Shallow wells
Main design features
  • Designed for variable speed drive motors up to 2,200 rpm
  • Extended endplay of bowls and impellers up to 5½"
  • Simplified maintenance (assembly and disassembly)
  • Impeller fixation to limit shaft upwards and downwards travel
  • Bowl and suction case bearings with straight grooves
Performance range
Performance range, 1780 rpm
Performance range, 1780 rpm
Performance range, 2200 rpm
Performance range, 2200 rpm
  • Production pump for geothermal plants
    Geological characteristics ask for smart pumps that offer flexibility in the construction to suit their place of action. In shallow wells with less than -650m water level, the line shaft vertical pump configuration is preferably used. It's major advantages are the adaptability and simplified maintenance.
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