Main benefits
  • Globular shape for extra strength, with PP-30GF manhole cover featuring floor run-off and optional odor lock with aeration and venting
  • Sanisett 1 for one KS version pump (Coronada, IP, Piranha, MF) or pump with built-in level control (Robusta)
  • Sanisett 2 for two non-KS pumps. Separate KS level control system, with support bracket for discharge line junction piece and KS float switches
  • Easily transported and fitted with compact dimensions that allow passage through a standard door opening
  • Kit available as an accessory for sealing top of tank to damp proof course
  • Universally adjustable in height and can be swiveled: easy to align with floor levels and tiling patterns, irrespective of the inflow or direction of the discharge lines
Main applications
  • Effluent pumping from washing machines, sinks, dishwashers, showers, and bathtubs
  • Also suitable for the pumping of sewage containing fecal matter outside of areas covered by EN when installed using Piranha pump(s)
Main design features
  • The required pump must be ordered separately and fitted. The following pumps may be used with the Sanisett: Robusta 200 W/TS , Robusta 200C W/TS, Robusta 200 W/KS, Coronada 250 W/KS, IP 900 W/KS, IP 900 D/KS, Piranha 08 W/KS, Piranha 09 W/KS, MF 154W/KS -804D/KS
  • Suitable for use as a floor drain. Alternatively a stainless steel insert is available as an accessory for fitting into the manhole cover to close and seal the run-off vent
  • Includes plastic cover for protection of the floor grating during installation work
  • Two inflow ports (DN 100/150) at 90º offset for DIN push-on connection. One DN 70 port for venting and use as a cable duct (supplied as standard with plug/cable inlet seal)
  • Compact, robust polyethelyne collection tank
Key characteristics
Temperatures 40° C (maximum 60° C for five minutes)
Discharge sizes DN 50 (R1½")

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