Main benefits
  • Axial split casing with 600# and 900# flanges to meet project requirements
  • Staggered vane, double suction impeller on larger sizes for reduced vibration
  • Custom hydraulics to meet both current and future requirements with a simple rotor change
  • Ball-ball, sleeve-ball and sleeve-pivot shoe bearings are available
  • High-speed designs available for remote gas turbine-driven applications
Main applications
  • Crude oil pipeline
  • Boiler feed boosting
  • Hydraulic Power Recovery Turbine (HPRT)
Main design features
  • High-pressure casing allows pumps to be run in series for pipeline flow variations
  • Robust shaft for reduced deflection
  • Custom designed impellers and volutes
  • Grouted, ungrouted and offshore heavy-duty baseplates
  • Motor, steam turbine and gas turbine drivers
Key characteristics
Capacities Up to 10,000 m3/h / 45,000 US gpm
Heads Up to 550 m / 1,800 ft
Pressures Up to 150 bar / 2,200 psi
Temperatures Up to 205°C / 400°F
Discharge sizes 150 to 750 mm / 6 to 30 inches
Maximum speed of rotation Up to 5,000 rpm
Performance range
HSB performance range 50 Hz
Performance range 50 Hz
HSB performance range 60 Hz
Performance range 60 Hz
  • Crude oil offloading
    Depending on the FPSO design, a booster pump is often required to export crude oil delivered to deck level by the FPSO cargo system.

  • Crude oil pipeline onshore flat terrain
    Power cost is the largest operating cost for crude oil pipelines on flat terrain. Flow rate, viscosity, pipe size, and station spacing all affect pump selection. 2 or 3 mainline pumps are often run in series. Sulzer can help with FEED assistance, rerates to optimize performance and lower power costs.

  • Hydraulic power recovery turbine
    Many industries aim to reduce their ecological footprint by minimizing energy consumption. Sulzer Hydraulic Power Recovery Reaction Turbines can be used to capture lost energy.

  • Multiphase pumping
    Helico-axial multiphase pumps (MPP) are used to boost unprocessed well streams, enabling liquid / gas mixtures to be transported over long distances without the need for prior phase separation.

  • RO-island HPP
    This is the heart of the SWRO Desalination process, where the desalination effect takes place. The Treated sea water is fed by means of the High Pressure pumps into the RO membranes, obtaining permeate or product water and high pressure brine rejection, whose high pressure energy is recovered by selected Energy Recovery Device.
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