Freeze concentration

Produce best-in-class concentrates with freeze concentration

Freeze concentration is the technology of choice for best-in-class liquid food concentrates. Thanks to sub-zero process conditions, this concentration technology preserves 100% of thermally sensitive components, such as aroma, flavor, color and nutrients.

Freeze concentration wash column juice
Main benefits
    • Guarantees 100% retention of aroma, flavor and color during the concentration step
    • Preserves heat-sensitive components thanks to gentle, sub-zero process conditions
    • Minimizes energy consumption compared to evaporation
    • Provides easy-to-clean and low maintenance equipment
    • Offers flexibility for multiproduct processing
Main applications
    • Fruit & vegetable juices
    • Coffee & tea extracts
    • Herbal extracts
    • Beer
    • Wine
    • Cider
    • Vinegar

Freeze concentration process

Freeze concentration is the special application of suspension crystallization in the food industry. Operating temperatures below 0 °C and the absence of gas-liquid interfaces ensure top quality of your food and beverage products. The concentrate retains 100% of the flavor, color and aroma that is present in the fresh feed.

The process can be divided in two blocks:

  • Crystallization: production of ice crystals. This block consists of at least one scraped crystallizer for removal of the crystallization heat and a growth vessel where the ice crystals have time to grow to a separable size.
  • Separation: separation of the ice crystals from the mother liquor. This block consists of at least one wash column with peripherals such as a melt loop with a heat exchanger to melt the ice.
Process flow diagram
Process flow diagram freeze concentration process
Process flow diagram freeze concentration process

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