For both, the Brazilian company Sabesp is responsible for providing water and sewage service in 366 municipalities of Sao Paulo State. The pumps will run in two major water projects in Brazil: the Sao Lourenco water supply system and the Jaguari-Atibainha Integration. Sulzer was selected for its reliable equipment designed for long service live and engineered to minimize energy consumption.

The order comprises five HPDM pumps driven by 9100 hp electric motors for the Sao Lourenco water supply system and six BK vertical turbine pumps driven by 5000 hp electric motors for the Jaguari-Atibainha Integration. The deliveries will take place in January 2017 and March 2017 respectively. The pumping solutions will contribute to a stable water supply for the largest city of Latin America by population and its metropolitan region.

Sao Lourenco is a completely new water supply system that will provide around 6400 liters of water per second, benefiting more than 2.0 million people in the western part of the metropolitan region of São Paulo, the largest city in Latin America. This is an investment of USD 700 million in a public and private partnership.

The Jaguari-Atibainha Integration will transfer 8500 liters of water per second from the Jaguari to the Atibainha Dams and vice versa, depending on water scarcity. Atibainha Dam is part of the existing Cantareira Water Supply System that is responsible to provide water to more than 10 million people. This is an investment of USD 170 million provided by the State and Federal Governments.

Sulzer is an experienced supplier of pumping systems in South America and all over the world.

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