Offshore production – crude oil offloading

Handling the pressure from seabed to shore

Depending on the FPSO design, a booster pump is often required to export crude oil delivered to deck level by the FPSO cargo system.

FPSO Crude Oil Offloading
Booster pumps on FPSOs are often required to transport crude oil to an offloading tanker, pipeline, or shore. An effective pump would need to provide sufficient pressure from the cargo pumps' available output. Through expertise gathering in successfully designing transcontinental pipeline pumps, Sulzer produces engineered solutions specifically tailored to meet these requirements.
Up to 3,200 m3/h /
14,000 US gpm
Up to 10,000 m3/h /
45,000 US gpm
Up to 11,000 m3/h  / 
50,000 US gpm
Heads Up to 2,900 m /
9,500 ft
Up to 550 m /
1,800 ft
Up to 200 m  / 
650 ft
Up to 300 bar /
4,400 psi
Up to 150 bar /
2,200 psi
Up to 15 to 26 bar  / 
220 to 380 psi
Temperatures Up to 200°C /
Up to 205°C /
Up to 150 ºC  / 
300 ºF

  • HSB horizontal axially split single stage between bearing pump
    The HSB ISO 13709 / API 610 Type BB1 is an axially split, single stage, horizontal, between bearing pump. Many HSB pumps are in service on crude oil pipelines in many parts of the world. Its robust casing and custom hydraulics are specifically designed to meet project requirements.

  • MSD axially split multistage pump
    The MSD pump has the broadest hydraulic coverage of any BB3 type multistage pump in the market. There are over 10 000 MSD pumps installed in product pipelines, boiler feed, water injection and even nuclear safety-related services around the globe.

  • SMH axially split single stage pump
    SMH pumps are part of the broad single stage, double suction, horizontal split case family within Sulzer. Flowrates are provided to over 11,000 m3/h (50,000 GPM) and heads to over 200m (650 ft).

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