SJT (Geo) for geothermal production hot water

The simple yet effective hot water pump for geothermal

Sulzer SJT (Geo) are designed for geothermal production in shallow wells. The pump can be adapted to the optimum length to pump hot water at the needed output flow.

SJT (Geo) for geothermal production hot water
Main benefits
  • Maximum achievable output flow for 12" nominal bowl diameter (externally machined to 11 5/8")
  • Increased design temperature
  • Pump shaft diameter 2 3/16" in 17-4 PH H1150
  • Pump shaft section lengths limited to 6.1 m (20 ft)
Main applications
  • Geothermal production hot water
  • Shallow wells
Main design features
  • Designed for variable speed drive motors up to 2,200 rpm
  • Extended endplay of bowls and impellers up to 5½"
  • Simplified maintenance (assembly and disassembly)
  • Impeller fixation to limit shaft upwards and downwards travel
  • Bowl and suction case bearings with straight grooves
Performance range
Performance range, 1780 rpm
Performance range, 1780 rpm
Performance range, 2200 rpm
Performance range, 2200 rpm
  • Production pump for geothermal plants
    Geological characteristics ask for smart pumps that offer flexibility in the construction to suit their place of action. In shallow wells with less than -650m water level, the line shaft vertical pump configuration is preferably used. It's major advantages are the adaptability and simplified maintenance.
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