• AGV for high flow and low head applications
    This vertical axial flow pump is used for water applications requiring high flow and low head.

  • SJM vertical mixed flow pump
    The SJM pump is a vertical, single or 2-stage, mixed flow bowl diffuser and is typically used wherever a liquid needs to be pumped upward at moderate pressure from open bodies of liquid.

  • SJP vertical propeller pump
    SJP vertical propeller pumps are typically used to pump large flows of water upward at low head from open water sources such as oceans, rivers, lakes, cooling ponds, tanks and sumps.

  • SJT vertical turbine pump
    SJT pumps are typically used whenever a liquid needs to be pumped upward from ground water tables (deep well pumps), manmade underground storage (caverns) or open bodies of liquid. Fully updated hydraulics and mechanical designs make the SJT highly efficient, cost- effective, and low-maintenance.

  • SMD axially split casing double suction pump
    The SMD water pumps are available as standard and configured pumps to meet the demands of different water applications. With a best-in-class hydraulic design, the SMD pumps can take on challenges in raw, clean, sea and brackish water applications. The clean water pumps have ACS and NSF 61 drinking water certifications.

  • STR vertical turbine pump
    STR pumps are engineered-to-order pumps able to provide good reliability during continuous operation. The STR Vertical Turbine Pumps have been designed to handle clear or slightly polluted fluids in water and industrial applications.

  • SZM and SZMV axially split double suction pump
    SZM and SZMV pump series provide good reliability during continuous operation and handle clean or slightly polluted fluids in water, wastewater and other industrial applications.
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