Main services
  • Laboratory services
  • Bench scale tests
  • Separation process synthesis
  • Toll separation services
Testing equipment
  • For evaporation, extraction, rectification, and crystallization
  • For evaluation of separation processes
  • For toll separation and purification
Process development
Details of an installation for pilot scale testing
Thin film evaporator in our test center

Experimental process development

Physical properties and equilibrium data

Besides online literature research, we deploy our equipment and experience to measure liquid-liquid equilibrium (LLE), temperature-related density, viscosity and interfacial tension data.

Bench scale tests

Bench scale tests are performed to quickly confirm the feasibility of a process solution with very small feed samples, for example:

  • Evaporation: Tests with a rotary evaporator or glass thin-film evaporator to investigate flow characteristic, boiling point, and concentrations
  • Extraction: Measurement of dispersion and phase separation with a single agitated cell
  • Rectification: Trials on a laboratory and spinning band column
  • Crystallization: Preliminary assessment on crystallization behavior, product quality and process feasibility

Separation process synthesis

As our customer, you benefit from the close cooperation of our in-house experts from the process engineering and application technology disciplines, and the test centers. This supports the development of the optimum and most efficient process solution for your separation problem. The evaluation of process alternatives includes not only a review of the technical feasibility of a proposed solution, but also takes into account economical and environmental boundary conditions.

Toll separation services

Almost all the equipment available in our state-of-the-art test centers can be used, on demand, for toll separation and purification services. This can be especially interesting in the launch phase of new products, when no dedicated plant is available yet at your premises, or to provide test samples for application in your own in-house tests or for hand-over to your end customers.


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