Revamps and retrofits

Need a revamp? You're in good hands

We have the expertise and experience to ensure that projects are executed with the highest standards of efficiency, safety and quality. Our extensive technical know-how and project management skills help the client obtain their process goals, within the constraints of a shutdown.

Sulzer employee lifted up in a secure box with a crane between two towers
Services for revamps and retrofits
  • Innovative retrofit and revamp solutions
  • Cost-effective solutions with local resources
  • Efficient, safe and always on time
Major revamp of a tower with several cranes
Major revamp

World-class expertise

For tower revamps and retrofits, we can provide a streamlined solution to ensure minimal downtime. A systematic, practical approach for tower revamping projects is essential in obtaining a successful outcome. 

  • Our capabilities have been tested and proven in thousands of projects around the world. 
  • Our ability to develop innovative solutions to overcome mechanical obstacles has proven beneficial to many of our clients. 
  • Our welding and tower erection specialists provide expert services ensuring that major vessel modifications are completed safely and on time.

The challenge to complete multiple tower revamps and retrofits safely and on time is what Tower Field Service most prides itself on.

Cost-competitive resources regardless of your location

Our global resource base ensures that we can provide you with 

  • Local resources 
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Support and security of a major multinational organization.
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