Remote monitoring

Optimize your maintenance cycles with remote monitoring

Sulzer assists you during planned and unplanned outages. We can analyze the behavior of your turbomachinery and electro-mechanical equipment. We use remote monitoring to optimize maintenance cycles and reduce your operating costs.

Turbine with blue sky and sun shine in the background

We offer around-the-clock monitoring of your equipment (turbines, generators, motors, compressors, etc.) to collect and store all relevant data. This information is very useful when unexpected outages occur—the data helps us find the cause faster. Thanks to online monitoring and analysis, we can help you simultaneously optimize your maintenance schedule, reduce maintenance costs, and increase availability.

Our remote monitoring services provide: 

  • Online monitoring and analyzing of equipment
  • A dedicated, experienced team of engineers available around the clock
  • Advice on maintenance schedules to reduce costs of operation
  • Improved equipment availability
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