• Minimized downtime
  • Deep industry and process knowledge of our engineers
  • Innovative customized solutions
  • Enhanced competitive advantage
Core competencies
  • Repair and refurbishment of all types of centrifugal pumps regardless of the original manufacturer
  • Reverse engineering and retrofits
  • High-energy pump repair specialists for the oil and gas, power, and hydrocarbon processing industry markets
  • Tailored engineering solutions and innovative technologies to define the best possible solution for your business
The Navi Mumbai service center is equipped to repair and refurbish all types of rotating equipment and centrifugal pumps regardless of the original manufacturer. Our local service center is dedicated to enhancing equipment performance and material upgrades in line with changing process requirements. Serving key industries such as power generation, oil and gas and general industries, Navi Mumbai improves the reliability, cost benefit and operating life of your equipment.
Pump cartridge assembly.
Pump cartridge assembly.

Resources and facilities

  • Sulzer’s global network of spare parts manufacturing centers provides support for additional spare parts
  • Provision of skilled field personnel for on-site overhauls, supervision of installation and commissioning work plus machinery diagnostics and trouble shooting
  • Our dedicated and competent team of engineering, contract administration and sales staff provide in-house services for a wide range of hydraulic, mechanical, and metallurgical problems
  • For more complex projects, Sulzer’s engineering and technology groups provide industry-leading mechanical design and hydraulic development support

The following certified management systems are implemented to ensure the highest quality standards:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 18001

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