Marine propulsion equipment

We support your operation any time, anywhere

In a break with conventions, our repair service has proven that large electrical rotating machines can be repaired at sea. Sulzer helps you maximize profitable operation time by eliminating the need to take the vessel out of commission.

We provide repair at sea
Sulzer has developed technical and practicable solutions for carrying out complete or partial stator rewinds, as well as repairs of generation and bow thruster units on board a ship. We offer a wide range of services available worldwide—we promptly mobilize our experts no matter where your ship is located.
In-situ rewind to maximize operation time
In-situ rewind to maximize operation time

Repairs to on-board ship electrical propulsion

On-board electrical inspections developed by Sulzer Turbo Services help you locate possible faults. This technique allows planned maintenance to rectify these problems before any major machine failure occurs.

Our services include:

  • Rapid call-out, assessment and repair
  • Uninterrupted operations
  • Fast, worldwide support
  • Reengineering of components
  • Repair of any make or type of machine, size and voltage
Our coil manufacturing in the UK
Our coil manufacturing in the UK

Vast experience

Sulzer benefits from many years of experience and knowledge in rewinding electrical propulsion motors, generators and bow thruster units on board ships under sail.

Coil manufacturing

Our unique, high voltage coil manufacturing facilities ensure that all processes are controlled in-house. Combined with our highly-skilled and motivated work force, we are able to successfully carry out repairs to the highest standard of quality.

We dismantle all electrical equipment and remove existing windings, while in parallel our coil manufacturing produces a complete new set of windings. These are then dispatched to the ship to minimize downtime.

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