Maintenance reduces costs

As a core part of many industrial processes, rotating machinery can have a major impact on costs and overall performance.

The service and maintenance of such equipment is critical to end users. Traditionally, maintenance was undertaken in-house or outsourced on a case by case basis. This approach has a number of potential challenges.

  • Appropriate staffing levels (skills and numbers) must be maintained in order to ensure the correct maintenance is undertaken
  • Fully equipped workshop facilities must be in place
  • Any attempt to reduce staffing levels or work with limited tooling or facilities increases the risk of not properly maintaining critical equipment

Maintenance from the specialists

As an acknowledged leader in the field of rotating equipment, we are ideally positioned to undertake your maintenance needs. We deliver measurable benefits to your business in a number of ways:

  • Expert staff dedicated to maintaining your equipment
  • No impact on your head count
  • Infrastructure savings at your site through the use of our service center facilities
  • Enhanced performance, efficiency, and reliability through upgrades developed by our skilled specialists

We tailor maintenance services to individual needs with a focus on contract maintenance and predictive maintenance agreements.

Contract maintenance

The most common is contract maintenance, where we schedule regular pre-defined maintenance visits to check and report on equipment plus handle repair work during those scheduled maintenance periods. Coverage for emergency repair services is also often included.

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance takes our maintenance service to the next level. By continually monitoring the condition of a pump, we are able to predict when it will require maintenance rather than rely on pre-set time intervals. The outcome is usually an extension in operating life between maintenance outages. In cases where more maintenance is required, breakdowns are avoided and steps can be taken to modify equipment, operational procedures, and process systems to increase operational life.
Predictive maintenance is designed to create savings over and above contract maintenance by only undertaking maintenance work when it is needed, rather than when it is scheduled.
Whatever your requirement is for the maintenance of rotating equipment, we are your ideal partner to deliver increased performance and reduced costs.

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