ZFn horizontal volute type process pump range

First choice for nuclear safety solutions

The ZFn pump range is especially designed for nuclear safety service. Basic design comes from our API 610 process pump type ZE/ZF and is reinforced according to nuclear regulations.

ZFn horizontal volute type process pumps range
Main benefits
  • Minimum safety due to heavy duty design
  • Pipework connections remain undisturbed during disassembly of the rotor
Main applications
  • Safety related services
  • Containment heat removal pump
  • Fuel pool cooling pump
Main design features
  • Basic design according to API 610 latest edition
  • Casing designed for higher nozzle loads to comply with nuclear requirements
  • Proven hydraulic design from our API 610 pump range ZE/ZF
  • Enlarged shaft diameter compated to API 610 to match nuclear requiremens
  • Low rotor bending
  • High dry running critical speed
  • Designs according to RCC-M design and construction rules available
Key characteristics
Capacities Up to 2,600 m3/h / 11,440 US gpm
Heads Up to 300 m / 1,000 ft
Pressures Up to 100 bar / 1,450 psi
Temperatures Up to 425°C / 800°F
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