Structured grid packings

Perfect solution for severe fouling services

Grids are developed for severe services that are susceptible to fouling, erosion, coking, and high solids content. Grids are installed in rigid modules stacked in successive layers with a fixed orientation, thus minimizing the overall pressure drop while simultaneously increasing tower efficiency.

Structured grid packing on a floor
Main benefits
  • For minimizing overall pressure drop
  • For increasing tower efficiency
  • Not sensitive to coking and fouling due to its smooth surface and geometrical structure
  • Efficient dissipation of temperature
  • Better de-entrainment and separation efficiency
  • Easy cleaning; can be removed, unscrewed and cleaned with a water jet
  • Mechanically robust structure


Main applications
  • Vacuum tower wash section
  • Atmospheric column overflash section
  • Fluid Catalytic Cracker (FCC) main fractionator slurry pumparound section
  • FCC flue gas scrubber
  • Coker main fractionator quench section
  • Visbreaker main fractionator wash section
  • Ethylene primary fractionator
  • Ethylene water quench tower
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