Static mixer SMV™

Mix efficiently with low energy consumption

The Sulzer SMV static mixer is ideal for applications that require a distributive and homogeneous mixing and blending action in the turbulent flow regime.

Inners of a Sulzer Static Mixer type SMV
Main benefits
  • Fast and complete reaction, absorption or extraction due to high mass transfer area
  • Constant and reproducible product qualities
  • Fast mass transfer due to continuous renewal of the interface surface area
  • Minimum space requirement of mixer and disperser
  • High mixing efficiency combined with large turn-down processing capabilities
  • Short mixing length
  • Low energy requirements
  • Zero maintenance
Main applications
  • For dispersive mixing or mass transfer in the turbulent flow regime
  • Refinery
  • Oil and gas
  • Chemical industry
  • Fiber industry


Typical uses for the Sulzer SMV static mixer are applications requiring dispersive mixing or mass transfer in the turbulent flow regime. This occurs typically between immiscible phases where an interfacial tension exists. Examples are oil/water or gas/liquid systems. Higher shear forces are required for this dispersion task.

Technical specification
Diameter from 8 mm – 250 mm
Standard material 316 stainless steel, PP, PTFE, PVDF
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