Main benefits
  • Interchangeable casing cover, wear parts, and impeller with OH2 designs
  • S-6, S-8, A-8, D-1, D-2 materials
  • Key driven impellers
  • Heavy duty shaft & API 610 bearing spacing
  • Oil lubricated thrust bearing standard. Grease lube optional
  • Sump or Tank mounting
  • Steam Jacket option
Main applications
  • Drainage Sumps
  • Oily Water Sumps
  • Lube Oil Supply
  • Tank Transfer
Main design features
  • Built to API 610 latest edition plus customer requested features
  • Casing (less mounting lugs and suction flange), casing cover, impeller and wear parts shared with over 10,000 OHH and OHHL (low flow) API 610 Type OH2 pumps
  • API 610 S-6, S-8, A-8, D-1 and D-2 materials
  • Flanged and buttwelded discharge with 150 or 300 RF flange
  • Oil lubricated, fan cooled thrust bearing standard. API 610 para. grease or oil mist lube thrust bearing optional
  • Bearing spacing follows API 610 to assure first critical speed of shaft system is above operating speed
  • Product lubricated carbon line shaft bearings are standard. Grease or external bearing flush optional.
  • Optional API 610 Table 7 seal chamber with API 682 seals for vapor limiting and pressurized sump applications
  • Rectangular epoxy coated steel mounting plate standard. B16.47 blind flange mounting plate dimensions for pressurized tank mounting
Key characteristics


Up to 750 m3/h / 2,200 US gpm


Up to 280 m / 880 ft


Up to 40 bar / 580 psi


-46 to 260°C / -50 to 500°F

Discharge sizes

50 to 200 mm / 2 to 8 inches

Performance range
OCV_OCVL  performance range 50Hz
Performance Range 50Hz
OCV_OCVL_Performance Range 60Hz
Performance Range 60Hz

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