MKS Multi Cassette™

Centrifugal forces of cyclones combined with high separation efficiency of mist eliminators

The patented Sulzer MKS Multi Cassette™ mist eliminator combines axial cyclonic and cross-flow separation technology to create an efficient, high-capacity separator.

Sulzer MKS Multi Cassette deck
Main benefits
  • Outstanding separation efficiency and mist elimination
  • High separation capacity
  • Cost and space saving


Main applications
  • Mist elimination for gas/liquid separation
  • For dehydration in glycol contactors
Use in glycol contactors
Sulzer MKS Multi Cassette
Sulzer MKS Multi Cassette

Use in glycol contactors

The first application of Sulzer MKS Multi Cassette mist eliminators was in several trains of glycol contactors in Russia. The contactors were revamped from trays to Sulzer MellapakPlus and were operated at very high gas loading factors. In order to keep the glycol loss low at this high column gas throughput, the MKS Multi Cassette mist eliminators were installed in the contactor top section. The application was shown to meet measured glycol losses of < 0.1 US gallons per MMSCF of gas.

Use in KO drums

Use in high-pressure knock-out (KO) drums

The revamp required the installation of high-capacity separators. However, the available installation height in the separator did not permit the installation of a Shell Swirltube with KnitMesh pre-conditioner without major structural modifications. The installation of a Mellachevron mist eliminator will not meet the required separation efficiency, and incidentally would also lead to considerable structural complications in the column. The customers chose Sulzer MKS Multi Cassette because it was able to reach the desired separation performance and fitted into the limited space available.

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