Hybrid gauze packing AYPlus™ DC

High separation efficiency for aqueous systems

AYPlus™ DC is based on a newly developed hybrid gauze material combination and the geometry of MellapakPlusTM 252.Y. AYPlus DC has a distinctly increased separation efficiency compared to MellapakPlus 252.Y, in particular at low liquid loads and with aqueous systems.

Details of a structured packing: Hybrid Gauze Packing AYPlus™ DC
Main benefits
  • Excellent wettability for organic and aqueous systems even at very low liquid loads such as below 0.1 m3/(m2h)
  • More than twice as efficient as comparable sheet metal or plastic packings in aqueous applications with low liquid load
  • Pressure drop comparable to MellapakPlus 252.Y and for aqueous systems even lower
Main applications
  • For aqueous systems
  • For organic applications with low liquid loads
  • Chemical industry
  • Petrochemical industry
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