GVG diffuser style barrel pump

Maximum safety pump used in nuclear power plants

The GVG is a pump especially designed to charge the reactor coolant in a nuclear power plant. The pump is designed to produce high pressure by small capacity with direct drive.

GVG Diffusor Style Barrel Pumps
Main benefits
  • Maximum safety due to double casing design. Pipework connections remain undisturbed during disassembly of cartridge
  • Vertical back-to-back barrel type pump
Main applications
  • Reactor cooling in nuclear power stations
  • Control rod drive pump
Main design features
  • Vertical barrel pump with high number of stages
  • Back-to-back desgin of impeller arrangement to reduce axial load
  • High alloyed barrel material avoids corrosion
  • Double mechanical seal with external seal water cooler
  • Product-lubricated radial bearings
  • Axial thrust anti-friction bearing for residual axial load
Key characteristics


Up to 65 m3/h / 285 US gpm


Up to 1,900 m / 6,230 ft


Up to 200 bar / 2,900 psi


Up to 100°C / 212°F

Discharge sizes

80 mm

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