GIRZ cyclonic inlet device

Inlet separation device for high momentum

The Sulzer GIRZ is a cyclonic inlet device that is used to suppress and break many types of process foams. Some typical applications include free water knock-out drums, flash drums, test separators, and 2 and 3-phase production separators.

Graphic of GIRZ Cyclonic Inlet Device for processing foams
Main benefits
  • Used in case of undersized inlet nozzles
  • For a considerable reduction of the vessel height and inlet nozzle sizes compared to conventional inlet devices
  • Suitable for installation in horizontal or vertical separators
Main applications
  • Bulk inlet separation of vapour and liquid phases
  • Gas/liquid separation processes
  • Oil/gas upstream
  • Refinery
Design and technology


The GIRZ cyclonic inlet device consists of an arrangement of two or more cyclones symmetrically arranged off a common, central header. The device can be installed in vertical or horizontal vessels. If required, mixing elements at the cyclone gas outlet will improve the distribution to the downstream device.


The GIRZ cyclonic inlet device utilizes the momentum of the feed stream inlet in order to generate high gravitational forces. The gas bubbles are thereby separated from the liquid phase.

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