Gauze packings

High separation efficiency at low pressure drop

BX gauze packing has been successfully employed in the industry for over 50 years, allowing difficult separation tasks to be accomplished. CY packing was developed for separations that require even a larger number of theoretical stages. BXPlus and CYPlus are the latest generation of gauze packings and offer the same efficiency as BX respectively CY with a 20% lower pressure drop.

Graphic of a BX gauze packing
Main benefits
  • For a high number of theoretical stages per unit height
  • Vacuum from 1 mbar to high pressure applications
Main applications
  • Monomers from plastics (MDI, DMT, etc.)
  • Fatty acids, fatty alcohols, fatty acid esters
  • Mono, di, tri, and tetra-ethylene glycols
  • Pharmaceutical products (vitamins, etc.)
  • Fragrances (menthol, geraniol, etc.)
  • Separations of mixed isomers
  • Fine chemicals
Key characteristics

    Key characteristics

  • Large number of theoretical stages
  • In vacuum from 1 mbar to atmospheric pressure
  • Where minimum pressure drop per theoretical stage is important
  • Low overall height
  • Batch and continuous columns
  • Pilot columns (reliable scale-up)

Of only limited suitability for

  • Fouling substances that form deposits
  • Non-wetting liquids (e.g. reduced NTSM with water)
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