Main benefits
  • For a high number of theoretical stages per unit height
  • Vacuum from 1 mbar to high pressure applications
Main applications
  • Monomers from plastics (MDI, DMT, etc.)
  • Fatty acids, fatty alcohols, fatty acid esters
  • Mono, di, tri, and tetra-ethylene glycols
  • Pharmaceutical products (vitamins, etc.)
  • Fragrances (menthol, geraniol, etc.)
  • Separations of mixed isomers
  • Fine chemicals
Key characteristics

    Key characteristics

  • Large number of theoretical stages
  • In vacuum from 1 mbar to atmospheric pressure
  • Where minimum pressure drop per theoretical stage is important
  • Low overall height
  • Batch and continuous columns
  • Pilot columns (reliable scale-up)

Of only limited suitability for

  • Fouling substances that form deposits
  • Non-wetting liquids (e.g. reduced NTSM with water)
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