Time for Change

With products you can count on, isn’t it time for change?

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing your equipment, whether it is in the pre-planning and design stage, or as a replacement, we know what you should expect from your equipment.

Time for change
Excellent rag handling with XFP pump

Replacements made easy

There’s never a good time for failed equipment, especially when it’s preventable. Clogged pumps lead to downtime and downtime leads to frustration, to say the least. With thousands of installations solving clogging issues, the XFP submersible pumps, utilizing the Contrablock Plus system, have proven themselves to prevent problems before they even start. With superior solids and rag handling and lower maintenance costs for long-term reliability, the choice is easy when it comes to replacing your failing equipment.

And to make it even easier, the XFP is available with a wide range of competitor retrofitting solutions for drop-in replacements, saving time and costly rehabilitation of a pump station. From retrofit brackets to controls to custom solutions, Sulzer makes it easy to get what you want.

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Sulzer's efficient pump replacement solution for wastewater pumping stations

With Sulzer replacement solutions you get

  • Excellent rag handling with Contrablock Plus impellers
  • Lower maintenance costs and long-term reliability
  • Lower energy consumption and reduced CO2 footprint
  • Quick and easy replacement for existing products

And always backed by the Sulzer assurance of quality and dependability.

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HST turbocompressor - reduced need for maintenance

Maintenance just got a whole lot easier

No need for worrying about constantly maintaining your blower equipment. You can just let it do its job. With minimal maintenance required, the HST™ turbocompressors just run, leaving more time for you to do the things you’d rather be doing. Simple components like filters, batteries, etc. are the only basic maintenance items, and with long durations between replacements, it feels virtually maintenance-free. With thousands of HSTs running and installations operating for over 20 years, means that we are in a unique position to make this promise.

In addition to minimal maintenance and long-term reliability, the HST™ design offers the highest energy efficiencies in the market.

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Operational Excellence with Sulzer's HST™ turbocompressors

HST turbocompressor benefits

  • Energy savings compared to your existing blower
  • The most reliable direct drive highspeed turbocompressor on the market
  • Reliable operations with proven magnetic bearing technology
  • Reduced need for maintenance
  • Low noise design
  • No oil, water or other liquids inside

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