The author Anna Bálint describes the challenges that Sulzer had to overcome on this long and sometimes rocky road. She examines company-specific topics and discusses issues related to economic history. She also explores the way Sulzer developed its adaptability under the dictates of the market environment at the time. Numerous sources as well as eyewitness accounts from former and current employees give insights into Sulzer’s changes during the recent decades. For the first time, Sulzer becomes tangible as a concrete example of a changing Swiss industrial company.

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Please find further information about the book at Original title: Sulzer im Wandel[BS1] . ISBN: 978-3-03919-319-6 (Language: German, hardcover, 640 pages)

Reviews (German only)

NZZ, 03.06.2015, Sulzer in the eye of the storm

“A monumental work about the eventful history of the industrial company in Winterthur.”

“Sulzer Through the Ages makes a valuable contribution toward ensuring that in the case of the traditional, 181-year-old industrial company in Winterthur, much worthwhile information will be preserved.”

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Der Landbote, 01.04.2015, “The Sulzer brothers engaged courageously in new and different areas.”

“Sulzer Through the Ages is a classic company history, and, at the same time, an everyday, economic, and technical history. In this way, the new Sulzer products reflect the lifestyle changes of humans [...] a book for everyone who is interested in the history of Winterthur.”

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