Here at Sulzer, we place great emphasis on innovation and research and development, which we carry out at more than 30 Sulzer divisional R&D centers of excellence both globally and at the Sulzer Corporate R&D unit in Switzerland. Our company builds on the advantages of a global R&D network, because local presence is crucial to knowing our customers’ specific challenges and to offering local competence.

Research and development in the emerging markets

Our R&D network is increasingly expanding into fast-growing emerging markets in order to better serve customers in those regions, for instance in Brazil and China.

Scope of innovation activities

Research and development starts with applied research, where the focus is on hydraulics, chemical processing, tribology, corrosion and mechanical design, and other areas. The results of this research are then applied to product development, where our engineers work closely with customers all over the world on the practical implementation of innovative ideas. At any point, they can call upon the diverse expertise of the many research specialists working in the Sulzer research and development sites.

Open innovation

Besides Sulzer’s internal R&D and cooperation with suppliers and customers, our company has also strong links to universities and external R&D institutes. Such open innovation is crucial for Sulzer's basic R&D, and also includes external corporate venturing. Research, Testing, and Production Services Research, Testing, and Production Services News Releases News Releases

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