Lifting station type ABS Sanimax

Robust, plug-in unit for effluent pumping

The Sanimax is a sump for floor-level installation featuring a submersible pump from the Robusta or MF ranges including the MF 154 HW hot water pump. The Sanimax provides effluent pumping from washing machines, sinks, dishwashers, showers, and bathtubs from buildings and areas below the sewer level in accordance with EN 12050-2.

Lifting Station Type ABS Sanimax
Main benefits
  • Supplied as standard with pump, automatic level control and non-return valve
  • Compact dimensions allow passage through a standard door opening
  • Alarm float switch available as accessory
  • Seven ports (5 x 40 mm, 2 x 50 mm), ready-prepared with seals, can be used for inflow, discharge, power cable, or connection to a washing machine via a flexible hose (¾” adaptor supplied)
  • Easy to transport, with simple discharge line connection
Main applications
  • Effluent pumping from washing machines, sinks, dishwashers, showers, and bathtubs
Main design features
  • Ready-for-use, plug-in unit with Schuko plug
  • Compact triangular design optimizes space beneath a wash hand basin
  • Odor-tight lid with odor lock and venting, including charcoal odor filter and overflow protection
  • Solids handling up to 10 mm for Robusta, 20 mm for MF 154, and 30 mm for MF 324
  • Sanimax R 202C for aggressive liquids. Users should check the suitability of the materials for the particular application
Key characteristics
Capacity 14 m³/h (60 US gpm)
Head 11 m (36 ft)
Temperatures 40° C (maximum 60° C for five minutes)
Discharge sizes DN 40
Maximum speed of rotation 2,900 min-1
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