The judging panel at the Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades (AEMT) has shortlisted Sulzer in three categories, with two service centers, that recently expanded their facilities, up for the same award.
Sulzer Leeds service center
Sulzer’s Leeds Service Center is short-listed for an award.

Service Center of the Year

Leeds Service Center, which has extensive experience in the repair, refurbishment and retrofitting of a wide variety of pumping equipment, has recently invested in additional tooling and equipment to enable it to also repair rotating equipment including motors, generators, compressors and turbines.

Falkirk Service Center offers specialized services for all electrical and mechanical rotating equipment, supporting the oil and gas, hydro power, petrochemical and other industrial sectors. The recent investment to expand the capacity of its high voltage test area has delivered considerable benefits for customers as well as OEMs that are partnered with Sulzer. Falkirk has also helped many young engineers with its continued support of apprentices, many of whom have achieved an excellent career progression through the company.

Sulzer’s Falkirk Service Center has invested in new facilities for customers
Sulzer’s Falkirk Service Center has invested in new facilities for customers.

Project of the Year

Sulzer’s investment in a new high voltage test facility at Falkirk has also been recognized as a potential Project of the Year for its successful installation and the greatly improved customer service that it will offer. The new facility offers data trending, improved condition monitoring, including advanced vibration analysis, and partial discharge analysis as well as remote monitoring of the testing process for all customers unable to attend in person.

Tom Ison, nominated for the Rising Star Award at the AEMT awards
Tom Ison’s knowledge and expertise has gained him a nomination for the Rising Star Award.

Rising Star Award

Finally, Tom Ison has been instrumental in implementing the new, state-of-the-art balancing software as part of the high-speed balancing facility upgrade project in Birmingham. His in-depth knowledge and understanding ensured that all the challenges were overcome quickly and effectively, ensuring the project was completed on time and within budget.

Tom was also involved in the project to expand the high-voltage test bed in Falkirk, providing essential technical support to ensure the fully automated test bed was properly equipped and commissioned.

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