HST™ turbocompressor                                                      

When reliability and energy savings count!

Sulzer’s energy efficient HST™ turbocompressor is the best choice for aeration in wastewater treatment. Its unique technology minimizes energy consumption, letting you dramatically cut your treatment plant energy bill. The simple-to-operate, wear-free design provides reliable assurance against breakdowns. With greater efficiency and greater reliability, you can expect total peace of mind – and big savings.

HST™ Turbocompressors - when reliability and energy savings count!
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Note, all wastewater projects have different prerequisites and the results can therefore vary from case to case.

Advantages beyond compare

  • Dramatic energy savings compared to your existing blower
  • The most reliable direct drive high speed turbocompressor on the market 
  • Proven magnetic bearing technology ensures reliable operation and greatly reduces the need for maintenance 
  • Outstanding low noise design
  • No oil, water or other liquids inside
  • UL and CSA approved
  • With 100s of US installations and 1,000s worldwide, it has proven it's reliability in the field

Keeping you up and running

If your plant encounters machinery failure or a sudden increase in air demand, Sulzer can provide rapid support. Once your HST turbocompressor is installed, your equipment will be backed by an extensive  network of service technicians.

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