Main benefits
  • Excellent plug flow behavior and narrow residence time distribution
  • Well-defined mixing and small reaction volume due to high driving forces for reaction
  • Low shear thus gentle product treatment
  • No hot spots and no dead zones
  • High flexibility with regard to operation and down-turn
  • Fast product transition and fast change of process conditions
  • Safety and environmental friendliness inherent to the design
  • No rotating parts and minimal maintenance costs
Main applications
  • For high-effective heating or cooling of viscous media
  • Polymer industry
  • Fiber industry
Key characteristics
Graphic showing the principle of the SMR type heat exchanger

The SMR reactor consists of a series of specially configured tube bundles. They are positioned perpendicular to each other, which enhances radial mixing across volume highly packed with heat transfer surface area. Water, steam, thermal oil, or other special cooling media can be used as heat transfer fluid. Each bundle can be designed to feature different mixing and heat transfer effects in order to meet stringent process requirements.

Technical specification
Diameter from 80 – 1600 mm, larger units upon request
Length determined by process requirements and requested performance, ranges from 1 m for a compact heat exchanger up to 20 m for a full reactor tower
Standard material Stainless steel / carbon steel
Special surface coatings on request (i.e. for food applications)
Design Welded mono-block is common. Flanged design is recommended if process routine requests periodic removal and disposition of bundles
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