Sulzer is developing innovative pumping subsea solutions
Sulzer Multiphase pumps move oil, gas and water mixtures to locations where separation becomes more economical. Sulzer partners with FMC on subsea multiphase boosting applications.

Up to 700 m3/h / 97,200 BPD
Differential pressures Up to 200 bar / 3,000 psi dP
Gas void fractions 0 to 100% GVF
Power Up to 6 MW / 10,000 HP
Speed up to 6,000 rpm


  • High-power multiphase pumps
    At Sulzer, we continue to revolutionize the face of oil production by manufacturing high-power multiphase pumps (MPP). With 20 years of experience of MPP operation under our belts, we are proud to service the market with the largest pumps in the world and provide an advantageous technical and commercial alternative to conventional systems.

  • Multiphase pump
    Sulzer helicoaxial multiphase pumps enable boosting of the oil / gas / water mixture from producing wells, without separating the gas from the liquids. They are successfully deployed onshore, offshore and subsea, in a variety of environments and climates.
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