Main benefits
  • Full pull out cartridge construction reducing downtime and allowing retrofit as field conditions change
  • Sand tolerant thanks dedicated abrasion resistant material, coating and large clearances
  • High pressure boost thanks Sulzer extensive balance drum experience
  • Horizontal or vertical configurations to fit the application
  • Subsea qualification testing and JIP projects welcomed
  • Variety of sizes available from 1 to 10 MW to suit the field development, production and decline
Main applications
  • Multiphase pipeline boosting
  • Pipeline debottlenecking
  • Flaring reduction
  • Re-activation of dead wells
Multiphase pump selection cannot be based solely on one defined operating point (main duty point) as is common for process pumps or compressors for refinery duties. Multiphase pumps should therefore be designed to be able to adapt to different operating parameters by having a wide operating envelope. Flow rates and pressure predictions are never certain. The design of production facilities is generally based on extrapolations from the results of exploration well tests, delineation wells and reservoir.
Main design features
  • Helicoaxial stages designed for operation from GVF 0 to 100%
  • Stage design change to compensate for gas compression through the pump
  • Full pull out cartridge construction
  • Sulzer pressure boundary design experience to 1000 bar
  • Variety of performances: single-phase, multiphase or hybrid
  • Variety of driver types: Motor, GT, high-speed permanent magnet motor, etc.
Key characteristics
Capacities Up to 4,500 m3/h / 700,000 BPD
Heads Up to 180 bar dP / 2,600 psi dP
Pressures Up to 1,100 bar / 16,000 psi
Temperatures 1 to 250°C / 34 to 480°F
Discharge sizes 100 to 400 mm / 4 to 16 inches
Maximum speed of rotation 6,600 rpm
  • Multiphase pumping
    Helico-axial multiphase pumps (MPP) are used to boost unprocessed well streams, enabling liquid / gas mixtures to be transported over long distances without the need for prior phase separation.

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