Main benefits
  • Up to 80% higher capacity than conventional trays
  • Up to 40% higher capacity than other high performance trays
  • High mass transfer efficiency
Main applications
  • For refinery and natural-gas liquids applications

Key characteristics
Graphic showing a cut of the Shell ConSep™ tray
Diagram of Shell ConSep™ trays and photo of one tray with the right tray deck panel removed

Key characteristics

Shell ConSep™ trays utilize the principle of de-entrainment by centrifugal force to exceed the gravitational limitation of jet flood.

The Shell ConSep trays combine the large bubbling area and liquid handling capacity of the contacting Shell HiFi™ trays and a centrifugal separator in a single stage: Con(tact) and Sep(arator)

Ideal for increasing existing plant capacity (revamps)

  • Suitable mainly for 1-to-1 revamping of towers equipped with high performance trays
  • Does not require any welding to the tower wall
  • Provides up to 40% more capacity than any high performance tray

Proven technology and excellent reliability based on

  • Actual operating experience
  • Extensive research and development
  • Fractionation Research Inc (FRI) proven

ConSep, HiFi are a trademark owned and used by the companies of the Shell group.

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