MPP-OHH single stage multiphase pump

Unique design for multiphase process applications

The MPP OHH is our API 610 (ISO 13709) type OH2 overhung, horizontal, centerline mounted, single stage, radially split pump combined with a helico-axial hydraulic. It is used as a circulation pump in HPI / Petrochemical applications where some free gas may be present in the process.

MPP-OHH Single Stage Multiphase Pump
Main benefits
  • Helicoaxial impeller designed for any Gas Volume Fraction from 0 to 100%
  • Helicoaxial easily handles robust to solid particles (specific coating can be applied depending on the process)
  • Standard bearing frame the OHH bearing range designed for long bearing life
  • API 682 cartridge seal type, single or dual mechanical seals
  • Bespoke seal plans depending on the application
Main applications
  • Shell Omega process (Monoethylene Glycol process plant)
  • Petrochemical processes near liquid-vapor saturation line
  • Circulation pumps in fermentation process
  • Circulation pumps for DAF waste water applications (Dissolved Air Filtration)
Main design features
  • Helico axial impeller / diffuser specially designed for 2 phase flow application
  • 7 different specific speeds available
  • 3 different bearing frame size available
  • 300# flange rating standard – 600# flange optional
  • Heavy duty baseplate with 2 times ISO 13709 (API610) nozzle option
Key characteristics


Up to 1000 m3/h / 4400 US gpm


Up to 7 bar dp / 100 psi dp


Up to 51 bar / 740 psi


Up to 400 kW

Maximum speed of rotation

Up to 3600 rpm

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