Main benefits
  • Helicoaxial impeller designed for any Gas Volume Fraction from 0 to 100%
  • Helicoaxial easily handles robust to solid particles (specific coating can be applied depending on the process)
  • Standard bearing frame the OHH bearing range designed for long bearing life
  • API 682 cartridge seal type, single or dual mechanical seals
  • Bespoke seal plans depending on the application
Main applications
  • Shell Omega process (Monoethylene Glycol process plant)
  • Petrochemical processes near liquid-vapor saturation line
  • Circulation pumps in fermentation process
  • Circulation pumps for DAF waste water applications (Dissolved Air Filtration)
Main design features
  • Helico axial impeller / diffuser specially designed for 2 phase flow application
  • 7 different specific speeds available
  • 3 different bearing frame size available
  • 300# flange rating standard – 600# flange optional
  • Heavy duty baseplate with 2 times ISO 13709 (API610) nozzle option
Key characteristics


Up to 1000 m3/h / 4400 US gpm


Up to 7 bar dp / 100 psi dp


Up to 51 bar / 740 psi


Up to 400 kW

Maximum speed of rotation

Up to 3600 rpm

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