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Sulzer to supply all key pumps for Aksay concentrated solar power (CSP) plant

April 10, 2018

Sulzer has been contracted to supply 18 pumps for both solar and power islands of the Aksay 50MW CSP plant in China. Aksay is a molten-salt parabolic trough plant with a 15-hours molten-salt heat storage system.

Solar power plant

To promote renewable energy, the Chinese government has launched a first batch of 20 CSP pilot projects using various technologies: central tower, parabolic trough and linear fresnel. Most projects will be equipped with a molten-salt heat storage system to last between 6 to 15 hours. The Aksay plant is one of these 20 pilot projects.

A dedicated Sulzer team including engineers from China, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland and USA worked closely together to develop the optimal comprehensive pump package for this project. The package includes boiler feed pumps, condensate extraction pumps, molten salt pumps and attemperation pumps. The pumps will be manufactured in Sulzer’s factories in China and Belgium.

The Sulzer Suzhou factory in China is one the main production units for the power market – focusing on domestic and export markets with its state-of-the-art order-related engineering, packaging and testing facilities. Furthermore it has the capability to manufacture one of the most diverse product ranges within Sulzer’s Global Operations network.                                         

Sulzer is well known for its reliable and responsible business partnerships and for offering state-of-the-art technical solutions. Our customers benefit from our experience, expertise, wide pump portfolio, global presence and from our extended service network.

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