Main benefits
  • Fast service for turnarounds out of one hand 
  • Complete portfolio for tower hardware available 
  • Pre-shutdown engineering service 
  • Emergency replacements 24 hours / 7 days
Emergency replacement
Graphic showing the complete portfolio of tower hardware
Complete portfolio of tower hardware

Emergency mass transfer equipment replacement services

The Sulzer Chemtech TAS replacement service team is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to your column internals and components replacement requirements.

This may be our reliable and proven Sulzer internals, or an exact Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) equivalent. The wide range of mass transfer equipment that can be fabricated and delivered to your site includes the following: 

  • Random packings  
  • Structured packings  
  • Conventional and high performance trays  
  • Internals for packed columns  
  • Mist eliminators
Hardware consignment
Hardware consignment services inside a trailer
Hardware consignment services

Hardware consignment services

Sulzer Chemtech TAS also offers our customers a very useful hardware consignment service to cater to your on-budget and on-time turnaround needs. We will custom package the standby hardware for your specific towers and deliver the inventory in lockers to your site for the duration of your turnaround.

You only pay for what you use from the consignment and return the remaining hardware to us at the end of the turnaround. This service would certainly reduce your concerns of having any excess hardware inventory and exceeding your turnaround budget.

Pre-shutdown engineering
Employee at computer planning pre-shutdown engineering services
Pre-shutdown engineering services

Pre-shutdown engineering service

Sulzer Chemtech has very experienced teams of mechanical engineers at each of our regional offices around the globe. We could offer you our pre-shutdown engineering service, which includes the preparation of engineering design and fabrication drawings of column internals (trays, liquid distributors, support grids, liquid collectors, etc.) that may need to be replaced during the turnaround.
We have the complete archives of drawings for your existing Sulzer column internals and trays.

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