Main benefits
  • Portable and lightweight: easy to handle and use for both manual and automatic operation
  • Well suited for emergency services due to a minimum requirement of accessories
  • Hydraulics with Contrablock system or vortex impellers for blockage free operation
  • High-efficient compact design
  • Integrated float switch as an option (single-phase pumps up to 0.5 cv / 0.37 kW)
  • Motor housing made of corrosion-resistant material and outer jacket and impeller of durable plastics
  • Low maintenance
Main applications
  • Drainage of pits, flooded cellars and swimming pools
  • Removal of clean water and wastewater containing solids up to 7 mm
  • Removal of rainwater
  • Garden irrigation
  • Water supply to tanks and cisterns
Main design features
  • Built-in thermal protection
  • Single-phase motor with permanent capacitor
  • Protection type IP 68
  • Ball bearings lubricated by insulating nontoxic oil
  • Housing made in casting iron (EN-GJL-250: GG25)
  • Carbon/ceramic mechanical seal
  • Power cord inlet sealed with rubber and epoxy resin
  • Standard 5 meter cable
Key characteristics
Capacities Up to 60 m³/h / 264 US gpm
Heads 28 m / 92 ft
Temperatures 40°C / max. 60°C for five minutes
Discharge sizes 2”, 3” BSP and NPT threaded connections
Maximum speed of rotation 3,450 rpm
Rated power 0.25 – 3.0 kW / 0.33 – 4.0 cv (only 60Hz motors available)
Submersible wastewater pump type ABS UNI with integrated float switch as option for the Brazilian market
Pump Type ABS UNI with float switch
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