This year’s Swiss Digital Economy Awards will involve 19 finalists from a range of industrial and commercial businesses, competing for the honors in four categories. Each finalist has been scrutinized by a panel of industry experts and delivered a brief presentation on the merits of their innovation.

Sulzer has developed an innovative solution that applies its considerable expertise in pump design and performance to existing process data in large-scale industrial applications. Providing the ability to identify under-performing assets, BLUE BOX offers an unprecedented view on system performance and pinpoints those pumps that would benefit from proactive maintenance.

“This project has involved experts from almost all of Sulzer’s core businesses, combining their knowledge to offer our customers very significant operational savings. Now, we have proven the original concept in the field and shown that expert analytics can improve reliability and performance, which leads to reduced costs for the business. What makes BLUE BOX unique is its minimal digital footprint and secure connection to process data that can be gathered without the need for additional hardware. Combined with our expertise in pump manufacturing and maintenance, this cutting-edge data analysis tool can deliver long-term improvements and cost reductions.”

Dr Marc Heggemann
Data analysis with he BLUE BOX by Sulzer
Efficiency, performance and reliability are key to your success.

“The innovative integration of IoT (internet of things) into an existing productive environment and thus the optimal use of IoT convinced the jury. An existing value chain has been equipped with IoT solutions and thus offers a high customer added value. The selected combination of technical, procedural and people quality is a shining example of a high maturity in the development process based on the chosen MVP (minimum viable product) approach up to the marketable product.”

Swiss Digital Economy Awards judging panel

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