HST™ turbocompressor                                                      

When reliability and energy savings count!

Sulzer’s energy efficient HST™ turbocompressor is the best choice for aeration in wastewater treatment. Its unique technology minimizes energy consumption, letting you dramatically cut your treatment plant energy bill. The simple-to-operate, wear-free design provides reliable assurance against breakdowns. With greater efficiency and greater reliability, you can expect total peace of mind – and big savings.

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HST 20 blowers at a New Zealand wastewater treatment plant improves the working environment with their outstanding low noise design.
Note, all wastewater projects have different prerequisites and the results can therefore vary from case to case.

Advantages beyond compare

  • Dramatic energy savings compared to your existing blower
  • The most reliable direct drive high speed turbocompressor on the market 
  • Proven magnetic bearing technology ensures reliable operation and greatly reduces the need for maintenance 
  • Outstanding low noise design
  • No oil, water or other liquids inside
  • With 100’s of installations throughout Australia and New Zealand and 1,000s worldwide, it has proven it's reliability in the field

Keeping you up and running

If your plant encounters machinery failure or a sudden increase in air demand, Sulzer can provide rapid support. Once your HST turbocompressor is installed, your equipment will be backed by an extensive  network of service technicians.

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