Going the extra mile

Total confidence in your pump’s performance

Pumps used in wastewater treatment face increasingly demanding operating conditions. To get reliable performance year after year, your plant needs more than just a supplier. You need a true partner who is ready to go further.

Going the extra mile
View a video to learn how Sulzer is helping customers to go the extra mile.

Unmatched reliability. Unmatched support.

At Sulzer, our focus is keeping your pumps in operation, with technology, service and support specially designed to give you the best insurance against downtime.

Sulzer’s submersible sewage pumps type ABS XFP with the Contrablock Plus impeller provide superior rag handling and solids passage for uncompromising blockage protection. Now assembled in the U.S.A., they also come with an industry-leading comprehensive 5-year warranty.

But it’s not only about the pump. The Sulzer team is always there to support you. 24/7. The second anything goes wrong. And we stay until everything is up and running as expected.


Karlee Pascucci

Regional Marketing & Communications Manager - Water Business Unit

Phone: +1 203 514 4272

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