Biomass / waste power generation

Sulzer fully understands the special needs of waste-to-energy producers. We are experienced in waste / fuel handling, ash handling, and steam turbine power trains, as well as inspection and maintenance of gas-powered generators.

While liquid or gaseous organic derived fuels are available as residual sub-product of many industrial processes, solid organic derived fuels arise from residual sub-product of the municipal and industrial waste collection. Alternative organic fuel of vegetal origin, however, exists wherever plants grow. Sulzer contributes to the valorization of those residues by providing pumping equipment for the power island of the power plant where they are burnt.

Our experience includes waste / fuel handling, ash handling, services for steam turbine power trains, inspection and maintenance of gas-powered generators, and pumps help to maintain the highest level of availability and reliability. In certain cases, we can also provide process pumps for the biomass treatment island.

Biomass power plant process

For the three applications below, the process in the power island is the same: Organic fuel is combusted in a burner to generate steam in an appropriate boiler. The steam is directly sent to a turbine / generator unit to produce electricity, then passed through a condenser to convert it into water again. Sulzer supplies boiler feed pumps (BFP), condensate extraction pumps (CEP), cooling water pumps (CWP), make-up and other auxiliary pump services specifically designed for these processes.

Biomass Power Plant Process

BFP: Boiler feed pump
CEP: Condensate extraction pump
CWP: Cooling water pump

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