Vertical pumps

Sulzer vertical pumps are used in applications with low net positive suction head (NPSH), cryogenic temperatures, where vertical lift is required, and in sump and cooling water services.

Vertical sump pump

Sulzer vertical pumps span flow rates from 8 to 45 000 m3/h (40 to 200 000 US gpm). They generate heads from 2 m to 2 600 m (7 to 8 500 ft), are built with 1 to 40 stages, run at speeds from 180 to 6 000 rpm, and operate in services from -160 to +200 °C (-260 to 400 °F).

Applications and characteristics

• Low NPSH
• High capacity
• High head per stage
• Fewer stages, shorter suction can
• High efficiency
• Highly reliable

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