Main benefits
  • Desalination (sea water intake, brine backwash, etc.)
  • Water treatment
  • Water transport
  • Irrigation
  • Circulation and cooling water services in power plants
  • Fish farms
  • Flood control
  • Liquefied natural gas (LNG) receiving terminals (seawater intake for LNG vaporizers)
  • Cooling water auxiliary services for HPI
  • Dry docks
Main design features
  • Closed impellers with balancing holes as standard, with open impeller for higher specific speeds
  • Bowl and impeller removable wear rings (front and rear)
  • Oversized integrally mounted bearing housing with axial and radial bearings
  • Above ground discharge head as standard; discharge elbow below foundation available upon request
  • Shaft sleeves at pump rotor wear parts
  • Rubber radial guide shaft bearing
  • Line shaft connections with muff coupling able to transmit all the driver torque to the complete pump rotor
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Key characteristics
Capacities Up to 22,000 m3/h / 97,000 US gpm
Heads Up to 200 m / 420 ft
Pressures Up to 25 bar / 362 psi
Temperatures Up to 65°C / 149°F
Discharge sizes Up to DN1400 / 56 inches
Maximum speed of rotation Up to 1,800 rpm
Performance range
STR performance range 50 Hz
Performance range 50 Hz
STR performance range 60 Hz
Performance range 60 Hz

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