The Doc Box

Troubleshoot pumps with the DOC BOX™

The DOC BOX by Sulzer allows you to systematically identify the root cause of a problem pump's issues and address them. Reduce your operational risk, minimize downtime, and optimize the asset lifespan of your equipment with our pump diagnosis system.

Data collection with the DOC BOX
  • Optimize your pumps
  • Troubleshoot pumps that are not instrumented
  • Identify root causes for unreliable and inefficient operation
  • Maximize availability
  • Realize significant savings and improve your overall profitability

Pumping systems may suffer from various issues throughout their operational lifespan - often these are hidden. High vibration, temperature, pressure pulsations and other factors may affect your equipment - causing it not to run as expected. It may even have undergone several interventions, yet a solution remains elusive. This is a significant challenge as performance issues with any pump can cause a big impact on productivity.

It takes a specific combination of technology, know-how and experience to finally alleviate your pumps from suffering. Call your ‘pump doctor’ for a precise diagnosis of your critical assets. Our experts address the root cause which is more effective than treating the symptoms.

Data processing and evaluation with DOC BOX
Complementary to DOC BOX, a permanent remote monitoring system can be beneficial to your operations.

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